My Road to Getting Fit, Eating Healthy, and sticking to it!


So this is my before and after picture. I was working out 4-6 times a week just doing cardio, weights, zumba, and eating pretty healthy. I’d make some smoothies, eat fish, chicken, veggies, and healthy food.   I just wasn’t losing the weight I wanted to.  The problem was I was still consuming too many calories. I’d also drink occasionally and go out to eat.

Then I wanted to find something easy that tasted good as a meal replacer to lose weight for Miami, my trip I went to for my Birthday and I little over a month to lose about 8-10 lbs. My friend started posting about herbalife and so I jumped on the band wagon to try it. I’ve tried Doterra shakes (disgusting still have them in my cupboard) and slim fasts before. I could never EVER keep down any protein shakes cus they just always tasted like chalk… So since my friend, who loves junk food had been sticking to it for a couple months I ordered some.

The first week I only did the shakes once a day and lost a couple lbs.  Since I liked the shakes and I knew I wanted to lose weight faster I ordered the tea, the cell activator, multivitamin, and 2 shakes a day! Pretty much the starter pack with some extra protein bars too. I was dedicated. Then in 3 weeks I lost the rest of the weight I wanted. I only had a cheat meal maybe 1-2 times a week. It wasn’t a horrible cheat meal either something like sea food, sushi, chicken eating out, I also didn’t binge and would just eat until I was almost satisfied. Once you get used to eating healthy foods and just to satisfy your hunger but not fill yourself your stomach starts shrinking. First, it is really hard to not snack when your bored and just eat, but over time you start enjoying the way your stomach feels so clean and not stuffed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 4.22.51 PM


Meal Prep. Meal Prep. Meal Prep. Don’t forget to have healthy food and snacks at home so you don’t eat out. Meal prep and bring your shake or meal to work. IMG_5707

My plan goes like this:

2 shakes as meal replacers a day – I like to add fruit to make it a fruit smoothie or peanut butter and a banana

Take my supplements 1-3 times a day: Cell Activator and Multi Vitamin

Drink the Tea: Gives me energy and helps my metabolism plus it burns 80-100 calories by drinking it

I have 2 snacks a day usually a protein bar (I like the peanut butter herbalife one), almonds, fruit, nuts

1 colorful meal: Either lunch or dinner these are the main ones I do:

– turkey wrap – Wheat wrap, turkey, mozzarella cheese, dijon mustard, spinach, banana peppers add a side

– Chicken: parmassan chicken or lemon chicken that I make in the crock pot add a side


– Lemon Tillapia takes 5 min. I just make extra and use lemon pepper, lemon juice, oil

Sides:  Rice, green beans, small spinach salad, broccoli, carrots are the ones I do most.

This is one of my days meals that I eat and bring to work then have a shake after work then a snack later. Or I have Two shakes and a snack and make dinner. 😀 That bag of rice is yummy, cheap, and you just put it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Theres my wrap, strawberry, fruit, vanilla herbalife shake, and an apple.



Tip on how I made myself go to the gym 4-6 times. Well lots of times I was exhausted after work, not cus I’m doing a lot but because I’m just sitting there all day!!! I actually dislike it… I get so lazy from sitting at a desk all day and feel so tired after work.  So I found out if I go home all I want to do is stay home, eat, and watch tv.  If I go to the gym I actually get more energy and feel better afterwards to do housework, run errands, meal prep, grocery shop, blog, hang out, and more. So what I do now is bring my workout clothes to work every day and a snack to eat near the end of the day.  I go straight to the gym even though my house is on the way.  SInce I do that I go every day after the gym and I end up having more energy to get things done and feel better afterwards. 😀


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