Healthy, recipes, shakes, workout tips, & tricks to staying healthy!

IMG_4853I am making this blog to keep track of my goals, stay motivated, and help others as well. I will post healthy recipe’s, shake recipes, and tips for staying fit and healthy.
Why? Because I have changed my life by changing my eating, thinking, and workout habits and now I want to help others. I have so much more energy, my body feels better, and I almost never get sick!
I used to eat whatever the hell I wanted, and yes, people who know me know I wasn’t that large and only weighed up to 10lbs different.. but I got migraines 2-3 times a month (which mine would sent me to the hospital), my back and neck always hurt, and I was getting extremely exhausted and lazy after work and would watch netflix until I woke up and went to work again. I also went on dates a lot which meant eating out a ton… 😛 Doesn’t feel that great after a while.
Well, now that I changed my diet, I workout regularly, I stopped drinking as frequently, and I don’t go out as often I have only had one migraine in the last year and I pretty much work, shake, workout, work, and do daily activities every day (no more laying around). I’m so much happier and get so much more done!!! ❤ I love it! I have to share. So follow me for fun tips & tricks on staying healthy and fit.

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